New developments on the Van Dongen, Vlaminck and Vuillard catalogue raisonné projects

The new Van Dongen Catalogue Raisonné and research team:  An international scholarly effort

The WPI is pleased to announce that we have begun a new digital Catalogue raisonné for the paintings of Kees van Dongen. Encouraged by Jean-Marie Van Dongen, the artist’s heir, we have formed a new committee and research protocol, working in consultation with Dr. Anita Hopmans, Senior Research Manager from the RKD (Netherlands Institute for Art History) in the Hague.  The WPI’s fresh start on the study of Van Dongen’s paintings will draw upon the resources of the Wildenstein Plattner Institute archives, as well as the research facilities and documentation of the RKD, and will ultimately yield new information about the artist’s production.

In light of this development, the WPI will be reconsidering the works that were presented in the past to the Wildenstein Institute.  If you are in possession of an original letter of attestation from the Wildenstein Institute and would like the WPI to consider your work for possible inclusion in our new Digital Catalogue, we will waive our Inclusion request fee of $2000 as a courtesy to you.  Also, please note that the WPI will not be considering works on paper by the artist at this time.

The next committee meeting for the paintings of Kees van Dongen will take place in Paris during the first week of December.


Vlaminck Database and Digital Catalogue

In 2017, the WPI received all of the archival documentation and intellectual property rights associated with the Maurice de Vlaminck Catalogue Raisonné research project initiated by the Wildenstein Institute and co-authored by Maïthé Valles-Bled.  The wealth of information within these extraordinary archives and hitherto unpublished research dossiers is unique to the WPI, and we are committed to sharing these important resources on the provenance, exhibition history and bibliographic references with the public.

Working together with Ms. Valles-Bled, the WPI continues to respond to inclusion requests on Vlaminck’s work and will compile this research in its Vlaminck Digital Database.  Applicants who are seeking information on a specific work of art in this database should contact us through our website at  and select “Research Request”.  Alternatively, applicants who would like the WPI to consider a painting for possible inclusion in the Vlaminck Digital Catalogue may submit works via under the the “Request for Inclusion” option.  The information compiled for the Vlaminck Digital Catalogue will eventually be published online through our Digital Catalogue Raisonné platform, currently in development.


Les Archives Vuillard

As an international non-profit institution committed to providing access to important art historical archival material and resources, the WPI is pleased to encourage and collaborate with fellow organizations working on similar endeavors.  The WPI would like to congratulate Nicolas Langlois de Bazillac and Mathias Chivot on the formation of Les Archives Vuillard, which will provide a resource for scholarship on Edouard Vuillard and other Nabis artists.

While the WPI remains the copyright holder of the original Vuillard Catalogue Raisonné which was published by the Wildenstein Institute in 2003, our organization is pleased to acknowledge that the scholarship on this artist and others in his circle will now be spearheaded by Les Archives Vuillard.  Anyone interested in submitting a work for possible inclusion in the supplement to the 2003 edition of the Vuillard Catalogue Raisonné should contact Mathias Chivot at [email protected].  

Catalogue Raisonné of the Painting and Sculpture of Jasper Johns To Be Published in April 2017

Most Comprehensive Study of the Artist’s Work to Date, Including Never-Exhibited Works and New Monograph; Five-Volume Publication Launches the Institute’s Publishing Imprint

The Wildenstein Plattner Institute (WPI) today announced the April 2017 publication of the Catalogue Raisonné of the Painting and Sculpture of Jasper Johns, the most comprehensive resource on the artist’s work to date. Produced in close collaboration with the artist and developed over more than a decade, the catalogue raisonné is authored by Roberta Bernstein, pre-eminent scholar of Johns’s work, who led a team of researchers including Heidi Colsman-Freyberger, Senior Researcher; Betsy Stepina Zinn, Editor; and Caitlin Sweeney, Senior Research Associate, who also oversees research projects at the WPI.

Press Release

New Foundation Dedicated to Art Historical Research and Digital Archiving Projects Announces First Initiatives

Elizabeth Gorayeb Appointed Executive Director of New Institute

The Wildenstein Plattner Institute (WPI), a new foundation dedicated to advancing art historical scholarship by fostering the accessibility, cataloguing, and digitization of primary sources, was publicly launched today. The WPI was cofounded by Guy Wildenstein, president of Wildenstein & Company, and Hasso Plattner, a leading entrepreneur in digital technology and an international benefactor of arts and education.

Elizabeth Gorayeb has been appointed executive director of the WPI. Gorayeb previously served as the senior vice president and director of research at Sotheby’s. She has led many significant research projects over the course of her career and has lectured internationally on research and attribution practices. She will be based in the WPI’s headquarters in New York and is building a team of researchers, technology experts, and administrators to support the Foundation’s work.

Press Release