Archival Inquiry

The WPI can answer two kinds of Archival Inquiries:  
  • The WPI can verify if a work of art was previously recorded in its Archives, which include dossiers on individual works of art related to past and ongoing catalogue raisonné projects. Please note that an archival confirmation from the WPI does not mean that the work will be included in a WPI catalogue raisonné. This service requires a pre-payment of $550, plus New York state sales tax. Please note: The WPI will not provide any refunds if our staff have already begun work on a request. However, the WPI can provide a refund, less any applicable processing fees, for an Archival Inquiry that is exchanged for an Inclusion request for the same work of art. All refunds are subject to processing fees. No other refunds will be provided for services rendered. Please note, if you would like for the WPI to conduct a complete review and verification of the cataloguing of a specific work of art, you must submit a Request for Research and Inclusion
  • For archival inquiries that do not pertain to a specific dossier on a work of art, please contact the WPI at with a description of your request, and you will be contacted with information on how to proceed if the WPI can provide answers to the request.
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