Antoine Vestier

Anne-Marie Passez

This publication presents 227 paintings by Antoine Vestier (1740–1824) whose brilliant career is outlined in the first section of the volume. The essay also asserts his mastery of a range of techniques such as painting, drawing, or the art of miniature. A talented portraitist and violin player, Vestier was sought after by musicians who he painted along their instruments with equal exactitude.

AuthorAnne-Marie Passez
357 pages
22 x 28 cm
239 black & white figures
14 color plates
Publication Date1989
PublisherFondation Wildenstein et La Bibliothèque des Arts
Out of print

Antoine Vestier

Anne-Marie Passez
Fondation Wildenstein et La Bibliothèque des Arts
357 pages, 22 x 28 cm
14 color plates, 239 black & white figures
ISBN-13: 978-2908063028
Out of print

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