Claude Monet

The WPI’s digital catalogue raisonné database, which currently focuses on the  pastels, and the accompanying collection of essays by Géraldine Lefebvre represent the WPI’s first foray into updating the entire oeuvre of the artist. The WPI will continue to make a host of archival resources and online programming available.

Claude Monet, Wheatfield, 1881, oil on canvas. Image courtesy of  Museum Barberini, Potsdam.

Catalogue Raisonné Database

Claude Monet: The Revised Catalogue Raisonné; The Pastels

This digital catalogue raisonné includes newly-discovered works and critical texts by Dr. Géraldine Lefebvre, as well as updates and amendments to the original catalogue raisonné by Daniel Wildenstein.

Digital Publication

Claude Monet, les pastels: Un recueil d’essais et de commentaires pour accompagner le catalogue raisonné

This digital catalogue features critical essays on select pastels, as well as information on the major themes and early collectors of these works.

Archival Resource

Claude Monet: The Revised Catalogue Raisonné; The Pastels

The Claude Monet Research Archives (1901–1987) present a selection of documents assembled by Daniel Wildenstein and researchers at the Wildenstein Foundation, which later became the Wildenstein Institute.

Legacy Publication

Monet Catalogue raisonné – Werkverzeichnis

The first of the four volumes in the revised edition of the catalogue raisonné is a biography of Claude Monet (1840–1926), later published as a stand-alone study of the artist’s work.

Legacy Publication

Claude Monet: Biographie et Catalogue Raisonné

The first edition of the catalogue raisonné of the œuvre of Claude Monet (1840–1926) offers a compelling biography of the artist whose life is recounted in as many chapters as there were significant events in his career.

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