Claude Monet

Biographie et catalogue raisonné

Volumes I – V
Daniel Wildenstein

The first edition of the catalogue raisonné of the œuvre of Claude Monet (1840–1926) offers a compelling biography of the artist whose life is recounted in as many chapters as there were significant events in his career. For instance, some chapters address Monet’s encounter with Eugène Boudin or Georges Clemenceau, while others examine the successes and the challenges the artist faced over the course of his career, or the personal losses and public honors. In these five volumes, almost 2,000 paintings are inventoried, analyzed, and reproduced in chronological order, from Monet’s early days as an artist, to his acclaimed Nymphéas series. The catalogue also includes previously unpublished letters, and excerpts of correspondence supporting the authors’ attributions and interpretations of the œuvre of one of France’s most celebrated artists.

AuthorDaniel Wildenstein
PublisherWildenstein Institute and La Bibliothèque des Arts

Volume I

1840–1881, Peintures

461 pages,
8 color plates,
705 black & white figures

Volume II

1882–1886, Peintures

305 pages,
5 color plates,
416 black & white figure

Volume III

1887–1898, Peintures

312 pages,
7 color plates,
478 black & white figures

Volume IV

1899–1926, Peintures

443 pages,
13 color plates,
513 black & white figures

Volume V

Supplément aux Peintures, Dessins, Pastels, Index

349 pages,
10 color plates,
600 black & white figures

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