Caillebotte: Sa Vie et Son Oeuvre

Catalogue Raisonné des Peintures et Pastels

Marie Berhaut

The catalogue of Gustave Caillebotte’s (1848–1894) œuvre presents 477 paintings organized chronologically. The first part of this publication contextualizes Caillebotte’s work among that of other Impressionist artists, dwells on Caillebotte’s interest in sailing, and highlights the breadth of his sources of inspiration. Archival documents, an annotated bibliography, and other  valuable pieces of information are gathered in the publication’s appendices.

AuthorMarie Berhaut
270 pages
25.5 x 32 cm
20 color illustrations
500 black & white figures
Publication Date1978
PublisherFondation Wildenstein and La Bibliothèque des Arts
Out of print


Marie Berhaut
Fondation Wildenstein and La Bibliothèque des Arts
270 pages, 25.5 x 32 cm
20 color illustrations, 500 black & white figures
Out of print

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