Odilon Redon

Catalogue Raisonné de l’Oeuvre Peint et Dessiné

Volume I – IV
Alec Wildenstein

The four-volume publication features 2,657 of Odilon Redon’s paintings, pastels, watercolors, and drawings. Because Redon (1840–1916) rarely dated his work, the catalogues are organized thematically to instead highlight significant elements of the artist’s œuvre, and the reiteration of certain motifs. The first volume is dedicated to portraits and figures, while the second deals with myths, legends and Redon’s overall interest in the fantastic. The third volume gathers Redon’s still lifes and bouquets, as well as his landscapes and marinescapes. The fourth and last volume features Redon’s sketchbooks and design projects such as paravents, screens, tapisseries, or murals.

AuthorAlec Wildenstein
Text, research and documentation:Agnès Lacau St Guily
and Marie-Christine Decroocq
28 x 33.5 cm each
PublisherWildenstein Institute and La Bibliothèque des Arts

Volume I

Portraits et Figures

342 pages
29 color plates
729 black & white figures

Volume II

Mythes et Légendes

384 pages
71 color plates
606 black & white figures

Volume II

Fleurs et Paysages

384 pages
103 color plates
627 black & white figures

Volume IV

Études et Grandes Décorations, Supplément

433 pages
60 color plates
698 black & white figures

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