Introducing Claude Monet: The Revised Catalogue Raisonné; The Pastels

As part of its long-term goal to update the entirety of the Monet catalogue raisonné, the Wildenstein Plattner Institute has released its latest online publication, Claude Monet: The Revised Catalogue Raisonné; The Pastels. This dynamic resource features information on 110 works in pastel, with links to historic publications on the artist. Presented in a searchable format and accessible for free on the Institute’s website, wpi.art, The Pastels will be continuously updated with new information as works are reviewed by the WPI’s Monet Committee.

Grappling with Gauguin

As the WPI prepares the next installment of Paul Gauguin’s catalogue raisonné, we are excited to present our next webinar series, Grappling with Gauguin. Bringing together curators and scholars from institutions in New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, and Denmark, this international series will address how to make space for diverse perspectives and critical discourse related to this important artist. 

Art Dealings in Times of War: The Records of Raphaël Gérard

To this day, much remains to be uncovered on collaborationism, art looting, and the surprising boom in prices during the World War II art market. With the arrival of German buyers on the market, many art dealers attempted to turn a profit even if this meant sliding towards illegality. Belgian gallerist Raphaël Gérard was one

New Foundation Dedicated to Art Historical Research and Digital Archiving Projects Announces First Initiatives

Elizabeth Gorayeb Appointed Executive Director of New Institute The Wildenstein Plattner Institute (WPI), a new foundation dedicated to advancing art historical scholarship by fostering the accessibility, cataloguing, and digitization of primary sources, was publicly launched today. The WPI was cofounded by Guy Wildenstein, president of Wildenstein & Company, and Hasso Plattner, a leading entrepreneur in

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